“Design drives humans to enhance their everyday lives. Coming into contact with products and environments can and should bring joy to peoples lives on many levels.”

Kevin Tye - Director of Tye Design

Kevin Tye FRSA
Director of Tye Design

Kevin was exposed to good design philosophy from a young age growing up in the presence of his respected father, Alan Tye (Royal Designer for Industry, RDI). Having studied three-dimensional design he turned down job opportunities in the UK and Sweden to work for his father despite being told no position in the company existed at the time.

Convinced the design ethos and process of the company was more important to pursue than paid work opportunities elsewhere, Kevin offered to work for no salary but for bed and board. He studied and developed Healthy Industrial Design (HID), updating its use and application in the current era of design.

In recent years he has become sole Director of the company and is aiming to share the benefits of the HID process with companies and clients in addition to educating future and upcoming designers in HID. Kevin is convinced the approach to a design is critical to the outcome and to date there is no process and philosophy as thorough, considered and human-directed than HID.

“I was utterly convinced by the scope of their (Healthy Industrial Design) achievement…”
— Enterprise Magazine

History of Tye Design

Alan Tye
Royal Designer for Industry

Royal Designer for Industry, Senior Member Royal Institute of British Architects, Honorary Fellow Royal College of Art, Life Fellow Royal Society of Arts 

Tye Design would not exist if not for Alan Tye. His history in industrial design speaks for itself, including originating the best selling range of architectural hardware, Modric and receiving over 30 international design awards over a well-respected career.

Alan developed the Healthy Industrial Design (HID) practical design specialisation, an approach continued and developed further by his son Kevin. Alan’s experience is unique, including having worked with Arne Jacobsen in Denmark.


“…of all the designers I have known you have shown the highest visual integrity and the purest grasp of form and detail. In a time of confusion and vulgarity in design you sustain the real ideals…”

Frank Height,
Professor of Industrial Design Royal College of Art