Healthy Industrial Design


Healthy Industrial Design - HID

It is difficult to summarise an approach that has been thoroughly developed over decades but at its core, HID enables us to begin and structure our design process around the human interacting with the product or environment. The application of this process is Healthy Industrial Design and Tye Design are the only implementors of this approach.

“We cannot fault your HID process…”
— IBM speaking of Healthy Industrial Design.

Our aim is to enhance products and develop them in such a way that human interaction with them is optimal whilst maintaining all other key features of design such as function and desirability.

“Healthy Industrial Design… a wonderful description of what all design ought to be.”
— Max DePree, Former President of Herman Miller Inc

HID is both a system of design and a philosophy but its scope is vast, having been used for industrial products to living environments. It can also be applied to specific aspects of environments, such as space management to enhance, for example, a working environment. We are so convinced by HID that we hope to implement its use more broadly within the design community in the future both by spreading its use through our client relationships and through education of upcoming designers.